Women’s Health: Wise Ways to Live Better!

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Moderated by Dr. Noah Marco, Chief Medical Officer, Los Angeles Jewish Home.



Rimma  Shaposhnikov, MD

Tuesday, January 19

Gut Health & Its Effect On Your Whole Body

Rimma Shaposhnikov, MD

UCLA Health Digestive Diseases expert Dr. Rimma Shaposhnikov discusses common gut issues women face and the importance of digestive support for immune health.

Maureen McMahon, MD

Thursday, February 4

Inflammation & The Female Body As We Age

Maureen McMahon, MD

UCLA Health Rheumatologist Dr. Maureen McMahon focuses on inflammatory issues most affecting women.

Lisa Little, MD

Thursday, March 25

Hormones & Menopause: What Every Woman Needs to Know

Lisa Little, MD

UCLA Health Obstetrician/Gynecologist Dr. Lisa Little separates fact from fiction when it comes to perimenopause, menopause, post menopause and hormones.

Sheeja Schuster, MD, MPH

Tuesday, April 27

Air Quality—What Are The Risks & How to Protect Yourself

Sheeja Schuster, MD, MPH

Various environmental exposures can cause both short and long term lung damage and have been linked to chronic pulmonary diseases such as COPD. Dr. Schuster will review some of these exposures as they relate to our current environment and steps that can be taken to minimize them.

All Programs are Noon – 1:15pm on Zoom.

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